Precious Brazilian Gemstones In Stunning Creations by Carla Amorim

The abundance of nature in Brazil coupled with the stunning modern architectural work of Oscar Niemeyer are brought together in Carla Amorim’s jewelry creations. These contemporary, fresh and feminine designs make exquisite use of the remarkable variety of precious Brazilian … Continued

Fresh and Contemporary Jewelry Designs by Mark Schneider

  Mark Schneider is a fashion forward designer who brings contemporary style to traditional engagement ring designs. His designs have won numerous awards, and one of his pieces is on permanent display in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Each … Continued

Superb Craftsman David Marsahll Personal Attention Goes Into Every Detail

  Superb Craftsman David Marshall built a reputation as one of Britain’s premier jewelry designers and has been creating truly exceptional jewelry for over 30 years. In addition to designing bespoke pieces for private customers, he has also introduced a … Continued

Erica Courtney Creates Whimsical Designs With Intricate Details

    Erica Courtney has defined style and luxury with and iconic collection of chic statement pieces that pushes the boundaries of artisan jewelry. Her jewelry is adorned with vivid colored jewels, whimsical designs and intricate details seduces one with … Continued

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