A Gorgeous Ruby and Diamond Necklace

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A spectacular symbol of passion and desire, our ruby collections are a seductive combination of the world’s most beautiful stones and contemporary design flair.

A true labor of love

Whether it is their richness of color or deep-red glow that draws us near, since man first laid eyes on the ruby thousands of years ago, we have been enthralled by their mysterious beauty.

A perfectionist’s eye for color has led Jeremy Morris to venture across the globe in search of the rarest of all rubies. Once only mined in south-east Asia, these astonishing stones are distinguishable by their ‘pigeon’s blood’ hue, a richly evocative name for the most sought-after color in a ruby.

For our remarkable ruby jewelry creations Jeremy Morris carefully gathers the finest stones from around the world, with only the most beautiful brought to our Bond Street atelier. Here these natural treasures are crafted into contemporary jewels that dip into the past while looking towards the future.

A Gorgeous Ruby and Diamond Necklace by David Morris The London Jeweller

Ruby and Diamond Necklace

A Gorgeous Ruby and Diamond Necklace by David Morris The London Jeweller

Vintage Pear Emerald Pendant Necklace with Diamonds in 14kt White Gold 3.00ctw



An elegant and whimsical approach to the pendant necklace has been achieved here by a master craftsman who obviously developed this concept in their dreams. The necklace would be a great accessory to any dinner or cocktail dress infused with green. A pear cut natural emerald weighing about 1.00 carat is bezel set in a dangling halo pendant at the center of this vintage 1960s piece. The emerald does have natural visible inclusions which only adds to its earthy charm as it also displays the most vibrant medium-dark  green hue which is further embellished by the halo of round brilliant diamond’s around it.  There are no chips to the surface of the emerald. Waves of white gold encrusted with diamonds echo from the dangly pendant. The corners are all accented with emeralds which there are 5 total round cut emeralds in 4-prong settings that matched the center pear cut emerald perfectly in color. The total diamond weight is about 1.60 carats and the average color grade is H-I and the clarity grade is SI1-SI2. The mounting emeralds weigh about .40 carats total. This is a lovely and unique piece is in spectacular condition. The necklace measures 20” in length while the pendant measures 2 1/4” in length. The halo pear pendant drop length measures about 1” from the round emerald at the top to the bottom of the halo of diamonds.

Vintage Pear Emerald Pendant Necklace with Diamonds in 14kt White Gold 3.00ctw
Vintage Pear Emerald Pendant Necklace with Diamonds in 14kt White Gold 3.00ctw. Price: US $4,738.75

Gorgeous Opal Jewelry



Not all precious stones are created equal.
Jeremy Morris travels far and wide in search of nature’s rarest, purest jewels for our high jewellery creations.
David Morris meticulously sources its prized stones from the most revered mines, whether it be an extremely rare sapphire from the remote hills of Kashmir, the famed deep-green emeralds of Colombia, or the perfect, glittering clarity of a white diamond. Only when we have unearthed a truly exceptional treasure does it voyage to our London atelier, where it is impeccably cut and polished to reveal its pure beauty before being set into the high jewellery it has inspired.

Opal Jewelry by David Morris The London Jeweller
Opal Jewelry by David Morris The London Jeweller

Sapphire and Diamond Necklace and Ring

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Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.

Shawn Ashmore

Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.

Adriana Lima

A Gorgeous Sapphire and Diamond Necklace and Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Necklace and Ring
Sapphire and Diamond Necklace and Ring

Diamond and Opal 18k Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

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Gorgeous Diamond and Opal 18k Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

This fantastic 18k yellow gold pendant necklace, designed in Italy, features 1 opal stone, of exquisite color, weighing 4.02 carats and 32 round brilliant cut white diamonds of F color, VS2 clarity and excellent cut and brilliance, weighing .50 carat total. The chain measures 17 inches in length. The pendant measures 14mm in length and 20mm at the widest point.

Diamond and Opal 18k Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace
Diamond and Opal 18k Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace
Price:US $1,650.00

Choker Necklace with Diamonds and Colombian Emeralds by Chopard

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This gorgeous Chopard Choker Necklace is a rarity with rich luscious green old-cut Colombian emeralds.

Long associated with Spring and birth, gloriously green emeralds have an extensive history of healing and supernatural powers.

Chopard Choker with diamonds and emeralds
Chopard Choker with diamonds and emeralds

Rare and beautiful, emerald easily earns its reputation as “The Jewel of Kings.” The list of celebrated royalty who conspicuously displayed this green gem includes no less a figure than Cleopatra. Indeed, she may have done a great deal to popularize that connection. The ancients considered these gemstones sacred symbols of fertility and immortality. Reportedly, Cleopatra adorned herself and her palace with emeralds and also gave them as gifts to foreign dignitaries. Most likely, she intended this as a display of wealth and power.

Emerald symbolism encompasses not only royalty but also wit, eloquence, and foresight. Today, emerald also serves as the May birthstone. Whatever its supposed mystical properties, this gem has always been regarded as a superior jewel. Whether the stone of kings or deities, emerald’s stunning color has brought it an honored status amongst cultures worldwide.

No gemstone, including emerald, is ever completely perfect. Most have internal imperfections, or flaws, called inclusions. Inclusions generally decrease the value of gemstones. Not so with emeralds. Many people feel that the tiny flaws add to the character of the emerald. Because the inclusions often look like leaves and vines, they are called jardin, French for “garden.” Other inclusions create a satiny appearance known as silk.

Natural flawless emeralds are extremely rare and extremely expensive. In fact, most dealers regard flaws as an indication that the stone is natural.

155.0 Carat Sapphire and 10.50 Ct Diamond White Gold Necklace

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This luxurious ladies necklace is crafted in solid 14k White Gold and features 324 (155.00 ctw) 100% Natural Sapphires mined from Ceylon, Sri Lanka + accented with 576 sparkling eye-clean natural Diamonds, totaling 10.50 carats.

This Gorgeous Sapphire Necklace is available at this link.

Metal: 14k Solid White Gold
Face Measurements: 24 x 406mm
Length: 16 inches
Finish: Bright Polish
Total Item Weight: 121.70 grams
Markings: Stamped 14K
Country Made: United States

Main Stone: Sapphire
Quantity: 324
Shape: Oval
Color: Blue
Carat Total Weight: 155.00
Measurements: 5 x 3 – 6 x 4mm
Treatment: None
Setting: Prong
Hue: Blue
Saturation: Moderately Strong
Tone: Medium
Clarity: Type 2
Cut: Very Good
Secondary Stone: Diamond
Quantity: 576
Shape: Round
Color: White
Carat Total Weight: 10.50
Measurements: 1.2 – 1.5mm
Treatment: None
Setting: Prong
Color Grade: F – G
Clarity: VS1 – VS2
Cut: Excellent

Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.     

Nathaniel Hawthorne

An Exquisite Yellow Sapphires and Diamonds Collar Necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels

Yellow Sapphires and Diamonds Necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels

Heart Shaped Emerald, Diamond and Pearl Choker Necklace

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In the style and workmanship, of the great designer Marina B. (but not signed), this striking necklace centers an important fine natural emerald weighs approximately 25+ cts. This natural large emerald is probably Colombian and displays a pleasing bright green color. This fine heart shaped emerald is surrounded by fine matching fancy cut white, collection quality, diamonds which are all colorless to near colorless (F/G) and very very slightly included (VVS), in clarity. The five strands of Akoya pearls measure 4.0 to 5.0 mm. The well matched white pearls are lustrous and free of surface blemishes. The two decorative diamond and gold elements set within the strands of pearls are set with fancy cut tapered baguette cut diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds. The total diamond weight of this necklace is approximately 6+ cts. This choker necklace is well made probably by an important house, it bears a maker’s mark which we are unfamiliar with. This important necklace fits at the collar and is expandable for on/off ease and will fit most necklines. Circa 1965.

Important Heart Shaped Emerald, Diamond and Pearl Choker Necklace
Important Heart Shaped Emerald, Diamond and Pearl Choker Necklace


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