The Exquisite Emerald and Diamond Moreira Tiara

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The famous emerald and diamond Moreira tiara featuring one of the largest jewelry quality emeralds ever found.  Platinum tiara with (42.4 carats) large center emerald, (7.56 carats) side emeralds and (7.89 carats) of pave diamonds.  By Ernesto Moreira

The Exquisite Emerald and Diamond Moreira Tiara

The famous Moreira tiara featuring one of the largest jewelry quality emeralds ever found
By Ernesto Moreira

Welcome to the world of Ernesto Moreira. A world of elegance, luxury, and romance: a world where the most amazing visions are transformed into the most breathtaking realities. In this world, beauty begins with inspiration. The inspiration can come in many forms: perhaps a client or a pattern found in nature; perhaps an object in the world around us, such as the curve of an architectural element or simply the raw materials themselves. Once inspired, the process of translating the vision into a reality begins. It is a meticulous process which involves exacting precision and the minutest attention to detail. The final result is a work of art wrought in precious metals and punctuated with the finest diamonds, the most unique gems and the highest quality pearls.

Critically acclaimed, the collections and one-of-a-kind pieces of Ernesto Moreira represent a return to old world craftsmanship and singularity of vision not often found in today’s tendencies toward convenience and mass cloning. So welcome to our world. Whether it’s a signature piece from one of our distinguished collections or a one-of-a-kind heirloom you’re looking for, we hope you enjoy browsing through our treasures and exploring our history. Innovative design, intricate detail, old world craftsmanship, and the most exquisite precision – these are the hallmarks of the creations born from the imagination of Ernesto Moreira.

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