A Gorgeously Designed and Crafted Emerald and Diamond Ring

Emerald green is the color of life and of the springtime, 
Conveying harmony, joie de vivre and most important, love
Emerald green retains its lively vigor all the time 
In all nuances, like those wonderful green eyes that rove. 

Sunlight dances across the Gulf of Mexico, a lovely place 
With emerald green waters and very hot white sand. 
Moreover, we see this green in a forest, a darker space, 
Or we can see it in the green grass in the Spring land, 

A metallic green body with small yellow sweet stripes 
And emerald eyes have the Hine’s emerald dragonfly. 
Nymphs hatch in marshes high in sedge meadows, 
When sheds its skin and emerges an adult fly. 

A mineral emerald green contains the Romanesque murals. 
The old Masters used verdigris for them and copper green
To make a deep brown, mixed it with sulfur-containing colors, 
Such as cadmium yellow, vermilion or blue-ultramarine. 

The green we see in December represents the evergreen tree, 
A symbol of life continuing even in that dark day. 
We look to the pins and the rhododendrons and we agree 
That greenery will return to the world again someday. 

The green chosen for the color scheme of Christmas night 
Is emerald green, that deep, pure, clear green inside 
That seems to shine with light, in the season of white 
When there isn’t much natural green available outside. 

A very ambitious plant is hymenaea courbaril, the tree named Amber 
It has the most attractive emerald-green heart shaped leaves. 
Like Orchid Trees, so pleasing to the eye with their alluring shimmer. 
Lycopersicon esculentum has emerald green tomatoes with dark green stripes. 

With this emerald green Van Gogh wanted to paint plastic correctly 
Maybe his eyes saw a special nuance, after cutting his ear
He worked all prima, onto the canvas painting directly 
From his imagination and from reality, making the image believable.

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