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Exquisite Diamonds and Precious Gemstones Come to Life in Enchanting Jewelry Creations by Andrew Geoghegan

Andrew’s scintillating mix of fine jewelry captivates the hearts and minds of his clients. Andrew selects the finest quality materials; platinum, 18 karat golds, exquisite diamonds and precious gemstones, to make a range of enchanting jewelry, from statement pieces to contemporary classics. “Across the world, Andrew Geoghegan is recognized as a company with real soul – creating pieces that never fail to help customers fall in love.”


This miniature piece of cubist art sets a trio of distinct blues in flawless 18ct white gold, for a splash of bohemian beauty. Brightest of all is radiant indicolite, or blue tourmaline, alluring as a summer sea, with the softer colors of the aquamarine and sapphire set perfectly alongside, framed by pristine diamonds. Hand finished under magnification, the detail is incredible in this, and others in the Chocolate Box collection.


The Cannelé Cabochon collection is a playful rainbow of cocktail rings blending intricate, hand-finished fluting with the curved smoothness of the central stone. Softly twisted, gleaming 18ct yellow and rose gold settings hold amethyst, tourmaline, rubellite, mandarin garnet, tanzanite and diamond, all play their part in this colorful, modern collection.


The Cannelé Engagement ring is a delicate platinum piece with a mesmerizing 0.33ct diamond center. Designed in France, inspired by Gallic romance, this unusual ring marries our classic Cannelé shape with an echoing band. A perfect inversion, the detail of the wedding ring is similarly fluted and hand finished to sit seamlessly underneath the main ring.


The Satellite Peridot is an exercise in structure, balance and modern beauty. Clean, bright diamonds surround the main, vibrant green peridot stone with a radiant lone diamond playing satellite. An inspired, sculptural form; fluid, strokeable lines, the Satellite is a signature piece, its varied stone sizes, positions and asymmetry making for an extraordinary ring.


The Cannelé Trois gives you at least three gorgeous reasons to accept a proposal. A platinum setting holds a trio of brilliant cut diamonds, each surrounded by a cluster of tiny, intricately cut stones. Meticulous fluting to each of the three settings brings extraordinary detail, from all angles, to this elegant, romantic engagement ring.


There’s something magical about the Celestial collection – striking spherical gemstones set in a sculptural design, each stone suspended in a setting of 18ct yellow gold and diamonds.

Since 1998 Andrew Geoghegan has been garnering a reputation for precision-designed chic; for pieces that unify sometimes seemingly contradictory elements – angular facets and soft curves, warm shades and metallic coldness. Unity is an ever-present theme and inspiration – of people and personalities as much as gems, precious metals, iridescent color and striking form. Today’s collections show the power of intricate design and detailing to fuse these elements into exquisite, timeless jewelry.
ndrew’s early endeavors were not in jewelry design, but were vital to igniting that affinity with metals and his pursuit of crafted perfection. As a young sculptor, his experiments with metal would allow him to understand the characteristics and potential of this most elemental of materials. He learned how to manipulate and direct it, and how to marry it with other precious materials. This unorthodox background is part of what makes an Andrew Geoghegan piece distinctive – there’s clear empathy for the relationships between materials, his work unifying the practice of art and manufacturing craft. His own story, that past life comes through. Pieces take a sculptural form, and flights of imaginations could easily rescale and place them in the courtyard of the Royal Academy or the lobby of Le Louvre. Art is always part of the process and final piece – a unique ‘artful engineering’ that yields seductive beauty, endurance and distinction.
It’s a uniqueness that has not gone unnoticed. There are plenty of awards and accolades, including the British Jewelry Association’s 2014 Designer of the Year Award, and Editor’s Choice at International Jewelry London 2015. This collection, inspired and created in a studio nestled among Yorkshire’s lush rolling hills is now winning friends and followers around the world.

The unity of things will always be a driving force –collections are a marriage of quirky bohemian Britishness and classic Gallic romance; it’s the joining of artistic flourish and precision manufacturing, sealed with the glue of beautifully clever, intricate design. But the most important union of all, the one that inspires the work most, is the one between jewelry and its wearer. The spirit and ambition of each creation is to enhance and illuminate beauty, never to eclipse it; to complement and invigorate it. Andrew Geoghegan makes jewelry for you to make your own – a quietly striking addition, your own work of art.   

Satellite London Blue Topaz

London Blue Topaz is the center piece in this beautifully crafted cocktail ring with accent diamonds G VS as standard. 18ct white gold which is rhodium plated as standard. Court Profile. All rings are bespoke so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Center stone is 10mm and satellite diamond is 3mm, center stone is available as buff top or faceted.

Cannelé Délire

‘Délire’ is French for Crazy and this jaw dropping statement piece is indeed an inspired development of the Brand’s most sought after bridal ring, the Cannelé.
Resplendent in 18ct white gold the splendid 6.14ct Paraiba Tourmaline from Mozambique is supported by a host of diamonds and blue and green gemstones.